"We believe in you when others be leaving you"

The Dudes
Brain, Heart, Guitar (OFS002CD) out September 8th 2008

See that there ? That is what is professionally known as the 'packshot' though most people (including myself) would call it a record cover, even if it is CD only. Anyway, it's the same record that The Dudes released over in Canadia but we have beefed it up. New art by some guy named Steve, who I have yet to meet and Aled, who I have met. Plus a couple of extra tracks so no need to buy the Japanese import until they reissue it in those awesome mini LP style card sleeves. Oh, and we got Dan to send us the lyrics. Honestly they are genius - just listen and you'll see !

I am told they are coming over in September for shows with Ladyhawk (the ones without the 'e' on Jagjaguwar). That is going to be sweet ! Word on the street is that Tim down at the Windmill is beside himself with excitement at the prospect of seeing both bands in the same month.

I was going to try and be cool and say that you could order the record from Rough Trade but they don't have it up yet. Guess you will have to settle for Amazon or if you are looking for the online shopping equivalent of securing your poolside deck chair at the crack of dawn, you can order 'Brain,Heart,Guitar von the Dudes' from Amazon.de.


Dad ! When I grow up, I want my own UFO just like yours !

Bob Dudes & Wayne Lips - Calgary June 2008