That's Wintersleep on the cover of CMJ Magazine from a month ago. Too bad we don't have college radio, in fact I wish we had those shitty classic rock radio stations as well, everyone needs more Doobie Brothers in their lives. Anyway I digress, here's a PDF if you want to read the feature yourself.

I found out the hard way that there are two spellings of 'Archaeologists', that's the first single off of Wintersleep's new record and it's a bitch to spell ! We are releasing it here in the UK on December 8th but, in the spirit of giving, we decided to let you guys have it for free. Just for a little while though. Do with it what you may:


Yes, it's an edit - the same one that Zane Lowe played on Radio 1 and NME Radio are playing all the time. If you want the original you will have to buy the album version - all good ?