So Bazan is finally coming over solo. I bet a select few of you are as excited as as I am, especially if you have heard those live shows available on the interweb. I do find myself listening to the Grey Eagle gig a lot (iTunes confirms Please Baby Please is an office hit). If I remember the Q&A goes something like this:

Q: David, what's your favourite beer ?
A: Alcoholic, beer.

Support comes from Postdata which is Paul from Wintersleep. I posted the player below without any info. Sorry, will sort that, think there is a free mp3 somewhere too.


Jan 28 Antwerp - Trix
Jan 29th Utrecht - Ekko
Jan 30th Amsterdam - Winston
Jan 31st Brighton - The Freebutt
Feb 1st Leeds - Nation of Shopkeepers
Feb 2nd Glasgow - Captain's Rest
Feb 3rd London - Borderline
Feb 4th Paris - Le Scopitone
Feb 6th Milan - La Casa 139
Feb 7th Karsruhe - Jubez
Feb 8th Duisburg - Steinbruch
Feb 9th Berlin - NBI
Feb 10th Copenhagen - Din Nye Yen Cafe
Feb 11th Dublin - Whelans


Weighty Ghost - 6 Music Top 40 of 2009

6 Music has shortlisted Weighty Ghost for people to choose as one of the 40 Best Tracks of 2009. Can someone vote for it we at least make it in to the final list ?!

Click on the link below to vote. Guess I have to trust you to pick our record and not Jay Z !



Music here:

Release date here:

January 25th 2010



Wintersleep - Editors Support / Free tracks.....


Wintersleep are supporting Editors across Europe, first show was last night in Belfast. With so many dates until Paris on December 14th there is no way I am copying them from Myspace and then trying to make them look readable here !



Does Anyone Have Any Questions At This Point In The Show ?

That is David Bazan, he was in Pedro The Lion and we are going to release his first solo album !

I wouldn't normally quote the press release but let's face it, this is the reason you spend so much time writing the damn things:

"Although he has been releasing records for over ten years as Pedro The Lion, this is David Bazan's debut solo album. If you haven't heard the name before, chances are that most of your favourite artists have - you can hear David Bazan's influence throughout the music of most current American singer songwriters.

Long time listeners will already be aware of Bazan's soulful vocals and incredible lyrical ability from stories told on previous releases but this time around he is far more autobiographical. Although a record about a broken relationship, on 'Curse Your Branches' it is Bazan's relationship with his beliefs and God. One of the most heartfelt and brutally honest collections of songs you are likely to hear this year, and yet, 'Curse Your Branches' is ultimately an uplifting album. "

The official release date is October 5th but If you want to get on the case now then you can order the album HERE to coincide with the US release.


My Birthday Month

Wintersleep play so many shows it feels like all I do is post tour dates here !

We are about to re-issue Wintersleep's first two records - "Untitled" and "Self-Titled" or it is the other way around ? Anyway, that is in the autumn and the band are coming back to support Editors on some seriously massive dates.

They are also over for Oxegen, Truck and some German festival called Haldern Pop Festival !?

 (supporting Editors)
7 Belfast - St George’s Market
8 Dublin - Olympia
9 Limerick - Dolans
12 Edinburgh - Picture House
13 Glasgow - Barrowland
14 Newcastle - Academy
16 Manchester - Academy
17 Leeds - Academy
18 Norwich - UEA
19 Bristol - Colston Hall
21 London - Hammersmith Apollo
22 Sheffield - Academy
23 Nottingham - Rock City
25 Wolverhampton - Civic
26 Southampton - Guildhall


Wintersleep - May / June

When someone says get the tour dates up on here I am guessing the day of the first show would be as close to 'too late' as you can get !

1 Osnabrueck - Klein Freiheit
2 Cologne - Werkstatt *Visions Party
3 Leeds - Met. University (w/ White Lies)
4 Glasgow - Barrowlands (w/ White Lies)
5 Manchester - Academy (w/ White Lies)
7 Newcastle - O2 Academy 2
8 Edinburgh - The Wee Red Bar
9 Belfast - Auntie Annie's
10 Dublin - Academy 2
11 York - Fibbers
13 Cambridge - Portland
14 Brighton - Hectors House (Great Escape Festival)
15 Brighton - The Providenc (Great Escape Festival)
16 Southampton - Unit **Club Night
18 Manchester - Roadhouse (w/ Snailhouse)
20 London – X-Posure @ The Barfly (w/ Snailhouse)
21 London - Macbeth (Stag & Dagger Festival)
22 Leeds - Packhorse (Stag & Dagger Festival)
23 Bristol - Fleece (Dot to Dot Festival)
24 Nottingham - TBA (Dot to Dot Festival)
25 Paris - Mecanique Ondulatoire
26 Ostend - Manuscript
28 Eindhoven - Effenaar
29 Den Haag - Paard
30 Utrecht - Ekko
31 Heidelberg - Karlstorbahnhodf

1 Munich - Atomic Café
2 Wiesbaden - Schlachthof


The Media Is Dying.....

People tell me that you are supposed to update these things often. Not doing to well there, even my own RSS Reader told me this blog had dinosaur status !

Maybe it is because I am too fixated on this: twitter.com/themediaisdying

Like come on "WRCB Chattanooga Eliminates Sports Director Position". Tough times indeed !

I have however been forgetting to tell you about this iTunes EP coming on April 27th.

Here's the tracklisting:

1. Early in the Morning
2. Weighty Ghost
3. Dead Letter & The Infinite Yes
4. Oblivion
5. Search Party
6. Sore

Most are from the new record, aka Welcome To The Night Sky, 'Sore' is from the first record, Wintersleep and it is going to be cheap cheap !


Man, check out that Vancouver crowd, not moving one bit.

Two words: BC Hydro.

10 Birmingham - Bar Academy www.ticketweb.co.uk
11 Cardiff - Barfly www.ticketweb.co.uk
12 Dublin - Academy 2 www.ticketmaster.ie
13 Belfast - Auntie Annie's www.ticketmaster.ie
14 Glasgow - ABC2 (w/ Asobi Seksu) www.gigsinscotland.com
15 Leeds - Faversham www.ticketweb.co.uk
17 Manchester - Roadhouse www.gigsandtours.com
18 London - Hoxton Bar & Grill www.ticketweb.co.uk
20 Hamburg - Prinzenbar
21 Berlin - Motor FM Party @ Magnet
23 Milan - Magnolia
24 Zurich - Hafenkneipe www.hafenkneipe-zh.ch
25 Berlin - Magnet (w/ Asobi Seksu)
27 Frankfurt - Sinkkasten
28 Stuttgart - Motor FM Party @ Schockenkmarket

1 Brussels - Botanique www.botanique.be
2 Paris - Point Ephemere 
3 Amsterdam - Melkweg  www.ticketmaster.nl
4 Copenhagen - Vega (w/ White Lies) www.billetlugen.dk
6 Oslo - Garage (w/ Sky Larkin) www.tigernet.no
7 Stockholm - Fritz's Corner @ Debaser (w/ Sky Larkin)



See that guy in the back left hand corner ? That's Mike Bigelow, my doppelgängerr. He plays bass.

Doesn't touring look fun ? How about touring in the dead of winter during a recession ? Ha ! Let the fun begin. It's not all bad really, this is Wintersleep's first proper tour of the UK and Europe. Got the UK and Irish dates below but I have lost the Euro part so bear with me !

Oh, about that video from yesterday, it's the next single 'Oblivion' - out March 2nd and the album 'Welcome To The Night Sky' is out on Feb 16th. Don't you like the way Vimeo's controls disappear once the video is playing ? More aesthetically pleasing than Youtube.

Also for those lazy bastards like me there is a Facebook Event for the tour, add yourself and let the interweb sort out your social schedule. If it wasn't for my computer telling me what to do I would never leave the house !

February 2009
10 Birmingham - Bar Academy www.ticketweb.co.uk
11 Cardiff - Barfly www.ticketweb.co.uk
12 Dublin - Academy 2 www.ticketmaster.ie
13 Belfast - Auntie Annie's www.ticketmaster.ie
14 Glasgow - ABC2 w/ Asobi Seksu www.gigsinscotland.com
15 Leeds - Faversham www.ticketweb.co.uk
17 Manchester - Roadhouse www.gigsandtours.com
18 London - Hoxton Bar & Grill www.ticketweb.co.uk