Does Anyone Have Any Questions At This Point In The Show ?

That is David Bazan, he was in Pedro The Lion and we are going to release his first solo album !

I wouldn't normally quote the press release but let's face it, this is the reason you spend so much time writing the damn things:

"Although he has been releasing records for over ten years as Pedro The Lion, this is David Bazan's debut solo album. If you haven't heard the name before, chances are that most of your favourite artists have - you can hear David Bazan's influence throughout the music of most current American singer songwriters.

Long time listeners will already be aware of Bazan's soulful vocals and incredible lyrical ability from stories told on previous releases but this time around he is far more autobiographical. Although a record about a broken relationship, on 'Curse Your Branches' it is Bazan's relationship with his beliefs and God. One of the most heartfelt and brutally honest collections of songs you are likely to hear this year, and yet, 'Curse Your Branches' is ultimately an uplifting album. "

The official release date is October 5th but If you want to get on the case now then you can order the album HERE to coincide with the US release.