So Bazan is finally coming over solo. I bet a select few of you are as excited as as I am, especially if you have heard those live shows available on the interweb. I do find myself listening to the Grey Eagle gig a lot (iTunes confirms Please Baby Please is an office hit). If I remember the Q&A goes something like this:

Q: David, what's your favourite beer ?
A: Alcoholic, beer.

Support comes from Postdata which is Paul from Wintersleep. I posted the player below without any info. Sorry, will sort that, think there is a free mp3 somewhere too.


Jan 28 Antwerp - Trix
Jan 29th Utrecht - Ekko
Jan 30th Amsterdam - Winston
Jan 31st Brighton - The Freebutt
Feb 1st Leeds - Nation of Shopkeepers
Feb 2nd Glasgow - Captain's Rest
Feb 3rd London - Borderline
Feb 4th Paris - Le Scopitone
Feb 6th Milan - La Casa 139
Feb 7th Karsruhe - Jubez
Feb 8th Duisburg - Steinbruch
Feb 9th Berlin - NBI
Feb 10th Copenhagen - Din Nye Yen Cafe
Feb 11th Dublin - Whelans