Wintersleep are back in September. End of the Road should be pretty awesome, the dude who runs it is always trying to get me to go. Supposedly there is some hotel near there where Dylan stays all the time. I bet I won't make it again this year so you will have to get a report from someone else.

Between then and now they are spending loads of time in the US including two dates with The Hold Steady which excites all three of us to no end. Maybe that will happen over here one day ?

6 Cologne - Luxor
7 Utrecht - Ekko
8 London - Cargo
9 Glasgow - Stereo
10 Dublin - Academy 2
11 Dorset - End of the Road Festival
12 Antwerp - Trix
14 Heidelberg - Kastorbahnhof
15 Munich - 59 to 1
16 Berlin - Lido
17 Hamburg - Molotow
18 Aarau - Kiff